HR development: 3 steps to success

  • 16.04.2019

The profession of HR-manager has become more significant in the corporate world. Employees - the main competitive advantage of the company, especially in a period of economic instability. New challenges have increased the requirements for HR-specialists in terms of professional skills. To keep up with the latest trends, Eychary must constantly learn, improve, gain new knowledge and skills.

HR Specialist Development Plan

A personal plan is created to set goals, actions, resources necessary for professional and personal growth. An HR development program, like a specialist in any other field, should be comprehensive. Only then will it bring tangible results.


The first step to formulating a HR development plan is identifying individual needs.

You need to ask yourself the following questions:

- What kind of posts do you want to achieve?
- What are common skills to develop.
- What HR functions need to be developed.
- How to expand your experience.
- What kind of training or training will help prepare for the desired position or better cope with current work.
- What improvements or changes are taking place in your department - do you need to learn new skills in order to adapt.
- What are you interested in besides work?

Set goals

Having a more thorough understanding of the individual needs of development, the time has come to set some specific goals. Focus on the areas that need to be developed, those that are critical to the quality of work.

Select one or two areas to work at the same time. It is recommended to start with a long-term goal, and then with a few specific short-term ones. Focus on problem points, they need to be addressed first. Be sure to think about how your goals will contribute to the company.

A useful way to make goals more powerful is to use a SMART mnemonic:

S - Specific
M - Measurable
A - Achievable
R - Realistic
T - Time-bound

The goal should be: specific, measurable, achievable, realistic and time limited.

What for?

Setting goals is a work strategy for personal and professional success. This is an effective method of behavior change that motivates improving productivity in all areas. By setting clear tasks, there are more chances to get a result. In addition, it eliminates confusion in priorities, reduces stress, uncertainty.

Determine how to study

The third step is the identification of specific actions necessary to achieve the goals. Find out what resources or potential costs may be required for each of them. In addition, it is useful to know what problems in the development of HR you may be waiting for, and how to overcome them.

Here are some examples of how Euchar can develop:

- HR professional development when communicating with experts and opinion leaders.
- Challenging work tasks or projects aimed at professional growth.
- Seminars, training courses.
- Books for HR-director, audio books, themed podcasts.
- Professional conferences.
- Other special projects, internal training programs, mentoring, etc.
- Criteria for evaluating the effectiveness of HR-manager development

Goals that cannot be assessed reduce motivation. Determine exactly how the result will be measured by determining the criteria for each task, and then set the target dates by which each of them should be reached. For more information about goal setting, see our OKR article.

HR development: 3 steps to success - conclusions

After the development plan has been drawn up, it is important to track and evaluate the results. Passing a course does not necessarily mean that the goal has been achieved. The most important step is the practical application of what they have learned to work.

Without development, in the sphere of HR, it is impossible to advance further than an ordinary manager. You need to deal with it systematically, focusing on the long-term perspective. But at the same time not to miss the opportunities that “shoot” here and now. This approach is more conscious, therefore, brings the best results.

Colleagues, don't you forget about raising your qualifications like HR?